Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Celebration cakes

I spent a couple of nights doing a celebration cake for Damian's mum's birthday.  It is certainly very bright and colourful, but I figured it's a celebration cake, it needs to be colourful! It has given me lots of experience now in the fundamentals of putting a 2 tiered cake together, and I got the cake thickness much better for this cake, than I did for my first cake.  It also gave me some more experience in the decoration side of things, so I am gradually getting a bit more confidence with this cake decorating thing.

A lady in the class did this cake in a very soft lemon and lilac, and put hearts instead of circles and diamonds on hers, which would suit an engagement party or christening. I could also see this cake in all white with some silver for a wedding, or hot pink and black would be lovely for a 21st birthday party...lots of options...changing the colours and shapes used on the cake opens the possibilites right up. Next will probably be a quilted design on a christmas cake, there is a class coming up for that, but I have been googling youtube with instructions on how to do this, and it looks easy enough, it's all just in having the right tools and equipment.
(These are the other cakes done by the other ladies in the same class...variations on colours give such a different look to each cake.)


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